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Dolls for girls and leather collars for girls dogs, are included in topics on families that refer to the count of how many daughters they have all the time; so why would anyone expect me not to count my dog then! After all, that is my kid in my house; right?! The four-legged ones in my house are treated no differently than the two-legged ones, and only one can use a leather collar for girls dogs.

Which just makes home life even more fun! It makes it fun, all the way down to dressing them. Here are five great leather collars for girl dogs to choose from.

Heart Leather Collars

1.) Heart Leather Collars

These are so cute! The heart leather collars are handmade and are not made by beginners. They are crafted by professionals who have experience. Not just that, there is a charm that says ‘Kiss Me’ on it as well. The good thing is that they are in varying widths, so you do not get one too big or too small for your pup.

Personalized Leather Dog Collars

2.) Personalized Leather Dog Collars

I am not kidding when I say that I have not really been a fan of personalized leather dog collars, until I saw this one. My first thought was that the leather looks so naturally worn, it is so pretty and would go with a short or long coat dog. Then I thought; I could also wear a matching one as a bracelet and match my pup girl!

Custom Dog Collars with Name

3.) Custom Dog Collars with Name

When it is glam you are after for your girl then these custom dog collars with name are going to be exactly what you want. One great point here is that the leather is vegan leather – so no animals were harmed while making a collar for animals! That fact with the beauty and sparkle are a match made in heaven. My only concern with this collar is having the charms pull the hair on a long haired pup. We do not want that!

Leather Dog Collar with Laser Engraved Personalized Nameplate

4.) Leather Dog Collar with Laser Engraved Personalized Nameplate

There are quite a few great points about this leather dog collar with engraved personalized nameplate that I can find. However, what I really like the most is that there are three lines of info on the engraving bed. Not to mention the engraved bed is secured to the collar itself, and not a hanging tag that can get caught on something and torn off. This lets you list pup’s name, and two phone numbers. This is great if pup gets lost; the more info available to get them home, the better!

Personalized Reflective Dog Collars

5.) Personalized Reflective Dog Collars

The design of these personalized reflective dog collars is awesome! I like that the reflection does not interfere with the engraved portion. This makes a big difference if you are trying to read the collar of an animal that is lost or confused, and they are already nervous. Having to manage them and trying to make out a listing on a collar at the same time can be very difficult. Having the reflection cut off in that area is a very good idea!

Now, if you ask me, all these girl leather dog collars are fabulous, and my Beatty Susanna would look spectacular in any of them! However, my favorite is the custom dog collar with name on it. Simply for the beautiful bling it has. She is very much a pampered pooch and when she does go out, she needs to look her best!

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