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Dressing up your pet is one of the most fun parts of having our fur friends around. But, would you dare outfit them with something drab and dated? Of course not! And there is when you consider checking some luxury leather dog leashes.

That’s why we’ve assembled some of the most on-trend luxury dog leashes for your purchasing pleasure.

Soft Real Leather Leash 480x480

Soft Real Leather Leash

Starting off is one that’s simple and chic. Bechiva’s small leather collar that is handmade with the finest quality materials will dress them up in style and is just for small dogs (and cats). These lightweight leashes, weighing just 47 grams, are made from soft lamb leather.

The D ring attachment is handy for attaching the matching collar, which comes in silver, black, or gold hardware. This one is on sale for $59.06.

Leather Gold Cuban Chain Leash 480x480

Leather Gold Cuban Chain Leash

As if there were a way to make Frenchies look even more adorable, Bek&Co has created a chain leash that steps up for the challenge. The description dubs this one “regal,” and it fits.

A solid-color premium leather collar with gold embroidery and studs attach to a stainless steel gold Cuban chain leash for class and sophistication. At $41.99, luxury here doesn’t rob the bank, even though it totally looks like it.

Brown Luxury Collar and Leash Set 480x480

Brown Luxury Collar and Leash Set

Next up on the fashionista’s list of luxury leather accessories is MixedBreedSupply’s brown luxury collar and leash set. This pattern is familiar in the fashion world, why not adorn your little pooch with a timeless trend?

The set is made from high-quality leather well suitable for small and medium dogs. Gold metallic hardware compliments this chic style. The cost is $41.95 and may be the perfect match for your favorite purse or pair of pumps.

Medieval Dog Collar Leash Set 480x480

Learn more about how to stay close to your dog with these short leather dog leashes.

Medieval Dog Collar & Leash Set

Step back in time with lords, minstrels, and manors in this medieval-inspired luxury leather dog leash and collar set by LeatherForPet. The 2-inch-wide vegetable-tanned leather is dyed in a beautiful walnut color that brings out the rich medieval detail in the design.

The hardware includes a gold heavy-duty buckle and D-ring. The set costs $266.98 on Etsy. Though it looks hefty, it’s still comfortable on your dog. Don’t worry–there will be no feuds happening with this set.

Beaded Matching Dog Collar Leash 480x480

Beaded Matching Dog Collar & Leash

Boho fashion meets luxury in this Aztec-inspired leather dog leash and collar set by StarSeller. The strong, undyed leather pieces feature handmade craftsmanship that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or artificial coloring. Surely my favorite, thanks to the fun glass beads featured along this gorgeous design handmade by artisan women in Brazil.

The pride is evident in the detail, with unique stitching that assures the beads will stay in place. You can get this one for $179.85. It boasts of being made of full-grain leather for a soft, flexible bend that is treated with organic beeswax.

Ever notice your dog walk a little more bougie after a fresh groom? Well, everyone deserves a little luxury every now and then, dogs included!

Let your dog enjoy wearing a collar as beautiful as they are with a touch of pizzazz, too. Please note, however, that we cannot be responsible for the ego boost.