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We’ve gathered five leather dog collars with flowers for you to choose from. It’s essential to select a collar that will last, so we’ve collected only genuine leather collars.

You want the best of the best for your furry friends, including their collars for restraint, identification, or just plain old fashion.

Perhaps you’re thinking that a leather dog collar is what you’re seeking because you want quality. Not just any ordinary leather dog collar, though, a cool one with flowers! Maybe for the princess in your life?

Leather Dog Collar with Daisies and Butterflies

1.) Leather Dog Collar with Daisies and Butterflies

This colorful daisy delight from PetCityCenter on Etsy has hundreds of great reviews! It’s a brown leather collar, and there are some butterflies to flutter amongst the flowers. It’s currently in stock, and you can choose the collar length from 14 – 26 inches, making it an excellent option for big and small dogs. The width of the collar is set at 1 inch, with a steel buckle and welded D ring. It’s also hand-crafted! This one’s affordable at $29, and you can personalize it.

Handmade Leather Flower Dog Collar

2.) Handmade Leather Flower Dog Collar

This Etsy find from Rogersleathercraft is a brown leather collar with deep purple and blue flowers for those who want colors to pop! It’s a little pricier at $48, but the reason is that it’s handmade, and you can personalize it for free with purchase. The collar width is 1 – 1.5 inches, but the collar length is not customizable.

The reviews say that the quality of the Premium grade 8/9 oz. Bridle leather is excellent, so it’s long-lasting. If you’d rather go for an animal friendly collar, check out some of these vegan leather collars from our recent post. Plus, this one’s waterproof and made in the USA!

Pink Leather Flower Dog Collar

3.) Pink Leather Flower Dog Collar

For those purrfect princesses in your life, there’s a pink collar on Amazon from Auburn Leathercrafters with pink and yellow flowers. The fit range is 13 – 16 inches. The story is endearing, Auburn Leathercrafters has been a family-owned and operated business since 1950, so you’d be supporting an American-run business. The cost is $36 each. There aren’t as many details about this one.

Designer Flower Leather Dog Collar

4.) Designer Flower Leather Dog Collar

Are you looking for an orange color with metallic purple flowers or a lime green collar with pink flowers? Leather Brothers on have every color combination you could ask for! It’s the most affordable one at $19.95, but they arguably look cheaper than the others, even though it’s quality tanned latigo leather.

The length sizing ranges from 10 – 14 inches. The reviews are great. There are even crystals on the collars.

Penelope Flower Leather Dog Collar

5.) Penelope Flower Leather Dog Collar

This one is my personal favorite if you’re willing to spring for a more expensive collar for your furry friend at $70.

There are a variety of sizes ranging from 8 inches by ½ an inch – 22 inches x 1 inch. The colors vary for the collar and the lovely flowers that pop because they’re multi-layered with a crystal in the middle. All collars include a nickel O-Ring to attach tags or charms on the leather loop.

They’re custom collars made to order, so shipping will take longer than usual, but it may be worth the wait!

Which leather flower collar is your favorite? It can be a lot of pressure to choose the right collar, especially if you’re investing in one of the pricier ones.

It’s important to balance style with quality, your pup will thank you!