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We love our furry friends in the home. It’s good to extend that love to other friends on farms and in the wild. For that reason, we write this article to share with you our best vegan leather dog collars.

There are many alternatives to animal products to make collars. We’ve done the work to collect five of the best ones so you don’t have to! Vegan leather dog collars are surprisingly hard to come by, but cruelty-free can be an essential factor.

Bobo and Nana Vegan Dog Collar

1.) Bobo and Nana Vegan Dog Collar

Bobo and Nana offer handcrafted vegan dog collars in blue, green, and pink.  These are plain but elegant. The sizes range from x-small-x-large. They claim to have collars that “stand the test of time,” which holds up in their reviews, clocking in at fifty five star reviews. They’re also lightweight and feature extra-comfy ventilated padding for your furry friend. This collar costs $45, though it’s currently on sale for $36! It’s said to be soft and comfy for the dog.

WildHound Faux-Leather Personalized Standard Dog Collar By WildHound

2.) WildHound Faux-Leather Personalized Standard Dog Collar By WildHound

Chewy’s WildHound collar is unique and gorgeous, with clouds, trees, and a bird painted on it in various earthly colors. If this is your style, check out some of these dazzling rhinestone leather collars or this post with more leather collars that feature flowers. The cost is $45. This one’s constructed from premium vegan leather, and the sizing ranges from x-small-x large. You can choose rose gold or brass for the metal piece. It’s made in the USA and is easy to clean. WildHound’s collar features integrated personalization and premium hardware customization options. Bonus: it’s hypoallergenic!

Caninus Collars Vegan Faux Leather

3.) Caninus Collars Vegan Faux Leather

Caninus Collars on Amazon offers a simple vegan faux leather collar that comes in various collars, from pink to black. It rings at $22.99, one of the most affordable collars we’ve identified. Sizing ranges from x small to xx-large, offering the broadest range. It doesn’t have that many reviews yet. It says it’s waterproof with a military-style buckle and metal rivets. Add a matching leash to your collar order by adding on this item, and they’ll send you a matching leash for your collar design.

Rude n' Tattooed Dog Collar

4.) Rude n’ Tattooed Dog Collar

For anyone who’s a fan of tattoos, your dog can rock their own traditional tattoo set, only in collar style. GooberDogCollars on Etsy are not only vegan but also waterproof. They’ve got cherries, sparrows, roses, and all the fabulous filler you see with traditional tattoos! They range from small-xx large, so these are great for those massive doggies in your life. One note is that the colors may vary depending on the batch. This one is quite affordable at $26.14.

Wag Swag Vegan Leather Collar

5.) Wag Swag Vegan Leather Collar

Wag Swag also offers traditional but elegant vegan collars in various colors! Their sizes range from x-small to x-large, providing a wide variety of choices. They’re crafted with highly durable, waterproof, odor-proof, and dirt-resistant material! It’s also finished with top-of-the-line solid brass hardware. Wag Swag also offers vegan harnesses and leashes! The cost is a modest $42.

Feel good about your purchase when you buy any of these cruelty-free vegan dog collars. The furry creatures of the world will thank you, and you get to keep living by your ethical principles! Even if you’re not a vegan, it’s hard not to feel good about purchasing ethically.