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Whether your dog is 2 pounds or 200 pounds; training is critical. Using the right training collar is even more critical. Simply because if you use the wrong one your efforts are going to go to the wayside and you and your dogs are just going to end up frustrated.

Here are some of the best leather training collars I have been able to find online. All of them have their own benefits here and there. However, let me try and explain them the best I can.

Martingale Dog Collar

1.) Martingale Dog Collar

There are a few features about this Martingale dog collar that is fabulous. First of all, it is important to keep in mind that it is handmade and it is vegetable-tanned leather. It is a half choke collar, which means it will not pull against the open throat of the dog. To me, it just means that it won’t hurt as much.

Signature Leather Half Check Dog Collar

2.) Signature Leather Half Check Dog Collar

This design of a signature leather half-check dog collar is a much gentler collar than a full choke. Again, this is because the chain does not go fully around the neck. However, this particular collar is highly recommended if you have a dog that pulls on the leash or one that gets easily distracted when you’re on a walk.

Personalized Tan Leather Martingale Dog Collar

3.) Personalized Tan Leather Martingale Dog Collar

This personalized tan leather martingale dog collar is similar to the first one; however, it includes personalization. This design also eliminates the necessity for an ID tag because the actual collar itself can be personalized with your dog’s name. I am that dog mom that loves to have her pup’s name on all of her stuff!

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Waterproof Adjustable Martingale Chain Dog Collar

4.) Waterproof Adjustable Martingale Chain Dog Collar

This particular design of a waterproof adjustable martingale chain dog collar checks off so many boxes for me! Not only is a waterproof so the dog can go in or out of the water, but it is also easily cleaned, super flexible, and they are so bright in color! In my opinion, this would be a great collar for a dog that lives near a lake or lives on a property with a pool. This way training can continue all the time.

E-Collar Adjustable

5.) E-Collar Adjustable

This E-Collar adjustable version would be great for training a larger dog or in a family that has several dogs. The one thing to remember when using an E-collar is to introduce it slowly. Even though this particular collar has a quick release buckle does not mean that you leave it on all day and then use that quick release to take it off at night. You have to introduce the collar in snapshots of time. These can be a very beneficial training tool if used correctly.

There are so many different leather training collars online; however, my favorite out of all of these has to be the personalized tan leather martingale dog collar. I love the fact that the quick-release clip is on the underside of the collar and the chain is only a half choker.

This is ideal for a smaller size dog. I have a Jack Russell terrier so this is perfect for her. There is also a ringlet on the leather portion where dog tags can be clipped. So that is just an added bonus!

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