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When your dog starts wagging his or her tail and decides it’s time for a walk, we know you are like most pet parents and suddenly decide nothing is more important than your dog’s happiness, and if you can have the opportunity to have a hands free leather dog leashes you will also be very happy.

Yet during these walks, you’ve probably found yourself wanting your hands free to talk on the phone or do other stuff. If so, we’re glad to say it’s now possible to get a hands free leather dog leash both you and your canine companion will love.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are five we’re sure you’ll want to consider.

Multifunctional Hands Free Leather Dog Leash 480x480

Multifunctional Hands Free Leather Dog Leash

Options, options, and more options aptly describe this great hands free leather dog leash. Reasonably priced at $67.12, you and your dog will get in lots of fantastic walks over the years with this leash. Handmade, it measures six feet long and is made of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather.
One end has a swivel snap hook and D-ring that results in a 10-inch handle, while the other end has a floating O-ring that attaches to a bolt snap. Whether it’s worn around your waist or shoulder, we think this one is a keeper.

Braided Hands Free Leather Dog Leash 480x480

Braided Hands Free Leather Dog Leash

If you are like us and enjoy having a little more style added to your dog’s leash, we recommend you take a close look at this hands free braided leather dog leash. Originally created primarily for puppy training, it quickly became popular as a hands free leash used during hikes or long walks in parks or neighborhoods. We especially like the versatility of this leash.
The handle can be clipped like a regular leash, or instead be clipped at the bottom, resulting in a short leash and large loop handle. Like the others, we find this one easily wraps around your shoulders or waist.

Over the Shoulder Leather Dog Leash 480x480

Over-the-Shoulder Leather Dog Leash

We enjoy jogging and hiking with our dogs, and this leash is great for both. Though a bit pricey at $88, we think it’s well worth the money.
Made of premium leather, this leash is noted for getting much softer the more it is used. Featuring three snaps that allow you to unhook the leash and use it in multiple ways, we really like this hands free leather dog leash.

Black Hands Free Leather Dog Leash 480x480

Black Hands Free Leather Dog Leash

When we have used this leash, it’s inevitable we will get stopped during our walk by other dog owners who want to know where we got our leash.
Customized so that it will fit around your waist or shoulders perfectly, this leash works with large dogs and also smaller ones. Best of all, you can get this leash personalized with your dog’s name, your last name, or both. Should you spend $88.95, we predict you won’t be sorry.

Multiway Leather Dog Leash 480x480

Multiway Leather Dog Leash

Our final hands free leather dog leash is priced a bit less at $45. However, this doesn’t mean it is of lesser quality. Sleek and well-crafted, this 3/4-inch wide leash is made of black latigo leather and is made to last you and your dog a lifetime. We like the classic design and minimalist style this leash possesses. Known for being a very strong leash, we’re sure you’ll feel very secure having your dog on the other end of this leash.

Our pick of these five is in fact number five, the multiway leather dog leash. Fitting in well with our traditionalist style, we like the secure feel this leash provides when walking. Even if your dog is a bit rambunctious along the way, this leash will be up to the challenge.

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