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In this house I always say I have two children; my oldest is 22 and in the military and my youngest is eight with four legs!

We have always shopped for the best for my 22-year-old so there is no question as to why I would shop for the best-rolled leather dog collars on the market for my four-legged daughter. We are both partial to bright colors, sturdiness, and the least amount of hair pulling the better.

Below are five rolled leather dog collars that I truly adore; and I think you will also.

1.) Brightly Colored Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Brightly Colored Rolled Leather Dog Collar

One of the great things about this collar Is the fact that it is handmade with soft leather and a chrome buckle. If you want something a little more stylish, take a look at this list of luxury leather collars.

This is why this is important; a rolled leather dog collar will not pull the hair of a long-haired dog as easily as a traditional collar will. Simply avoiding the pain associated with very little hairs being pulled around their neck would be a huge benefit.

Not to mention the very bright colors that would be visible in a darker atmosphere. As far as the chrome buckle; that would greatly decrease the possibility of rust or discoloration rubbing off as well.

2.) Rolled Padded Dog Collar

Rolled Padded Dog Collar

This collar is similar to the one above; however, there is a bit more padding involved. The addition of the padding actually helps reduce the matting in a medium or a long-haired dog. This particular collar is quite often a top seller because of that.

3.) Rolled Dog Collar With Nameplate

Rolled Padded Dog Collar

Now this rolled leather dog collar far exceeded my expectations when I really dove into it! It is handmade, with bridal leather! Bridal leather is a very soft leather; however, the older the leather ages the more beautiful the color comes out.

To go a step further and add a nameplate is exceptional! This would be a perfect ‘Welcome Home’ gift for someone who adopted a dog!

4.) Rolled Leather Quick Release Dog Collar

Rolled Leather Quick Release Dog Collar

I personally use a quick-release dog collar for my young diva. Simply because she does not wear a collar inside. She only wears a collar and a harness when I take her out for a walk. This particular rolled leather dog collar is stunning.

Simply because of a few specific features. Again, it is handmade. However; it is made from 100% genuine vegetable tanned leather; which is basically a less aggravating way to tan leather.

That fact along with the fact that all of the hardware is brass are huge selling points for me.

5.) Italy’s Butter Soft Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Italy’s Butter Soft Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Initially, this rolled leather dog collar mimics the others in different fashions.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this collar has an inverted seam. That is important to remember. If there have been issues with other collars pulling your dog’s hair, an inverted seam will eliminate that problem. Because there will not be an open seam to agitate or pull the hairs around the neckline.

If you ask me; which one is my favorite, it would definitely be the rolled leather quick-release dog collar. Simply because this is the routine that my dog is used to. She is used to having that color clipped on to go for a walk and then having it immediately removed when she gets inside. Having that quick release on a dog collar just makes it easier, and quicker, for both of us!