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Are you having a ruff time finding a leash that suits your dog’s style? Are you looking for a short leather dog leash? Maybe even one that’s handmade and has style along with quality? Well, we have some pawsome news! These five short leather dog leashes are high quality and worth taking a look at.


Short Leather Dog Leash 12 Inch 480x480

Short Leather Dog Leash-12 Inch

Being kept on a short leash isn’t all that bad, and there’s plenty of reasons for it, such as use for reptiles or rodents. If you’re looking for a high quality yet good looking leather dog leash, then this one may be for you. This leash is a durable traffic leash in a stylish brown.

The color is rich and warm, suitable for any dog. This leash is 12 inches long and 1 inch wide. Traffic leashes are great for vet visits and situations where you need more control. This leash is soft to touch, yet well-made and completely safe as well.

Leather Short Braided Traffic Leash 480x480

Leather Short Braided Traffic Leash

This braided dog leash offers the functionality that you need while remaining stylish. This leash comes in a few color options and is handmade from durable, quality leather. Offering a fun yet minimal design, this leash almost looks designer!

This leash is 3/4″ wide and measures 17″ from end to end. The leather is soft and safe to use on your furry friend. However, for best use, you’ll want to make sure that you measure your dog’s neck correctly.

Genuine Leather Personalized Traffic Lead 480x480

If you love your small dog, find more information about leather leashes for small dogs.

Genuine Leather Personalized Traffic Lead

This short traffic lead is offered in a wide variety of gorgeous color options. From olive to purple and even teal! There’s a color to match any dog’s style. These leashes are crafted from the finest full grain, veg tan genuine leather. This fantastic option is 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.

You’ll not only get your option of color, but you’re also able to have your dog’s name etched into the leather, making this leash even more special. Built to hold up, this leash option is a knock-out.

Short Classic Learher Dog Lead 480x480

Short Classic Learher Dog Lead

If you’re looking for a classic black leather style, this 12-inch genuine leather dog lead is just what you need. This lead is 1″ wide and 12″ long, making it relatively small yet functional.

Offered in gorgeous black leather, this handmade leash is built to last. In fact, this leash is built to last, from a trustworthy cowhide leather that’s soft to your furry baby, yet durable enough to work and hold up under

weather conditions less than optimal. This leash is also 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.

2 Dark Brown Leather Traffic Dog Leash 480x480

2′ Dark Brown Leather Traffic Dog Leash

This option is great for the dog who prefers a style that suggests they may own a Harley, but also maybe a library. It’s a rough and tough yet sophisticated design that you can’t go wrong with.

This leash is 24 inches long overall, with a suitable width. Both the hardware and the leather are durable yet fashionable, making this leash a great option for just about any pet. This leash offers a suitable option if you’re looking for something with added class.

There are many fine options when searching for a short leather dog leash. From traditional black leather to more fun styles, such as the braided style or color options, there’s a lot to choose from, especially when all of the leashes are fine choices in their own regard.

Personally, I quite favor option three, especially in the teal color. I favor this option because it not only provides a functional leather leash, but it also gives the choice of personalization with your choice of color and text. This leash seems to offer the most, even though all of the leashes available are perfectly good options.