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When shopping for your furry friends, you always want to ensure you pick out the best bridle leather dog collars. When picking out a new collar, you want to ensure it is durable, fashionable, and perhaps even has room for personalization!

Perhaps you’re interested in a Bridle leather dog collar instead of regular leather. Bridle leather is known for its durability. Therefore, no matter your pup’s lifestyle, you’re sure to have a durable yet fashionable collar.

We’ve gathered five different bridle dog collars varying in price, coloring, and sizes for you to choose from.

The Best Bridle Leather Dog Collars of 2022

1.) Braided Bridle Dog Collar 

This bridle collar from FiresideHound is both fashionable and has excellent reviews! This collar is available in five different color options that are sure to match any pup. This collar is also available in nine different length options starting at 12inches and it goes up in 2inch intervals. This is by far the priciest on this list at $69 due to its handmade and complex braided design. This collar is reviewed well.

Engraved English Bridle Dog Collar

2.) Engraved English Bridle Dog Collar: 

Are you looking for a personalized collar? This collar from shopmimigreen has personalization available for free with purchase. This collar comes in twelve different vibrant color options. Therefore, you’re sure to find the perfect color to match your pup’s coat! This collar is also available in three widths as well with an array of lengths – Smallest being 7-10 inches, the largest being 24-27 inches. This collar is a bit pricey, listed at $55.99. However, the free personalization makes it totally worth it! This collar also has 249 positive reviews complimenting the structure and sturdiness of the hardware and leather which proves it is also great quality!

Personalized Bridle Leather Dog Collar

3.) Personalized Bridle Leather Dog Collar

Are you looking for a personalized collar in a darker, more natural coloring? This collar from DustyDogWorkshop is available with free personalization. The color options for this collar are much more natural-toned and would look great on lighter-colored pups! This collar is much more affordable at $20.62 – $32.62, depending on the size. Not only does this shop have free personalization, but it also has much more inclusive sizing! This item has 29 reviews, all raving about the seller and the collar’s durability!

2 Red Dogs Durable Leather Dog Collar

4.) 2 Red Dogs Durable Leather Dog Collar

Are you looking for a collar in a more unique color scheme? If so, this collar will be perfect for you! It can be found on Amazon from the 2 Red Dogs Store and features two colors, a medium brown with a green inner lining. This collar has 27 positive reviews raving about the quality and durability and is listed at $22.94 – 29.94. This collar is a great price and is handmade in the U.S.A.

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Bridle Leather Rolled Dog Collar

5.) Bridle Leather Rolled Dog Collar

This collar can be found on Amazon from the Terrain D.O.G. store. Depending on size, this collar is the cheapest at $13.99 – $18.19. This collar is available in five different color options and seven different sizes! This collar has a rolled effect making it both stylish and affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap collar with a stylish look, this collar is perfect for you!

Which bridle collar is your favorite? It can be a lot of pressure to pick the right collar for your pup, especially since they can be so pricey. Finding a collar that balances quality, style and price is key, and your pup will be sure to thank you later!

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