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Let’s be real, your pet is more than just your pet, it’s your baby as well. Whether you have a cat or a dog, your furry friend is probably more like a child than an animal. Because of this, you probably treat them like one as well.

This means getting your little baby nice things. There are many different styles of leather leashes out there, but for those who prefer the minimalist style, these options for a thin leather dog leash will hold your attention.

Tiny Chihuaha Thin Leather Leash 480x480

Tiny Thin Leather Leash

These colorful thin leashes are a great choice even if you don’t have a chihuahua. They’re offered in outstanding bright collars meant to get your attention, and they’re crafted of soft and lightweight leather.

This leash is perfect for small dogs, cats, or even reptiles. They’re soft and smooth, and only 3/8 inch wide. However, while these leashes may be small and thin, they’re sturdy and handmade to last.

Thin Woven Mexican Dog Leash 480x480

Thin Woven Mexican Dog Leash

This dog leash is stylish and features stunning colors arranged in a fun and exciting Mexican art pattern. They convey a wild spirit that is fun to look at. This collar is a half inch in length and is made of leather woven embroidery. They are offered in many different sizes and are sure to steal the show on any pet. There’s a lot to love, especially since these collars are sturdy and hold color/style well.

Leather Dog Show Slip Leash 480x480

Leather Dog Show Slip Leash

If you’re looking for something that offers a bit of color to a classic, minimalist design, then this leash is what you need. Offered in three different colors and many sizes, there’s a leash for any pet.

Crafted by a small company in France, these leashes are high quality, cute, and built to last. They’re even made with premium quality round leather, giving you better durability and style. This collar is perfect for the fancy feast of pets.

38 Tiny Leather Leash 480x480

Looking for something more high-end? Check out these lovely luxury leather dog leashes.

3/8 Tiny Leather Leash

This tiny leash is cute and colorful and is perfect for a variety of different pets. If you’re thinking outside of the box and need a short and thin leash for your guinea pig, reptile, rabbit, or something else, then this leash is the one you need.

They come in cute ’80s or 90’s style colors and are handmade of quality leather. This provides both style and quality, which you can’t go wrong with.

The Everyday Leather Leash 480x480

The Everyday Leather Leash

This leash is simple yet gorgeous. This small, thin, leather leash is perfect for small pets who prefer the natural look. Offered in chestnut brown, this leash is classic and gorgeous. If you like earthy tones and want the quality of leather, consider this one for your next purchase.

This 6-foot leather leash gives you a thin design with a long enough lead to allow your pet to enjoy their walk without being put on the short leash.

The Verdict

It’s obvious that you have amazing taste, especially when it comes to leashes for the animals you love the most. While all of these leash options are amazing choices, I personally favor number two the most.

I believe that number two has the best design for the money. This leash comes in a few great color choices, though all of them look just as good as the last one. They’re durable and handmade. I believe that this style would look great on any pet, from dogs to cats and everything in between.

Because of this, I believe it’s the finest choice of the bunch, even if all of them are exceptional choices.