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My dog, like any other loved pooch, deserves the best of the best. That includes a beautifully tooled leather dog collars. I have seen several different designs online and the decision is not hard as to whether to get one. The hard part comes when I must decide on just one! Because they are all so beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorites, and I will explain why, to make your buying decision a bit easier too!

Aztec Tooled Dog Collar

1.) Aztec Tooled Dog Collar

This Aztec dog collar is so beautiful, I would need to have a matching bracelet. The leather used is vegetable tanned and this helps format the leather to hold colors and last longer. This collar has the Native American thunderbird as the focal point and that is what makes it a go-to for me. The colors are simply awesome!

Handcrafted Padded Leather Tooled Dog Collar

2.) Handcrafted Padded Leather Tooled Dog Collar

Now this beautiful handcrafted padded leather tooled dog collar has an added bonus of padding. That just makes it more comfortable for those dogs that wear their collars all the time. My little girl only wears hers when we are walking outside, so a padded one for her might be a bit much.

Handmade Western-style Collar

3.) Handmade Western-style Collar

There is none other like this personalized leather dog collar. Not only do you get to choose the pattern you want used, but you also get to add your pup’s name, and have it all done in a beautiful Western lettering design. This would be great to have made for a birthday or an anniversary for your pup. I know that I cannot be the only one that shops for their furry friend’s birthday or anniversary, right?!

You can find more information about our comments for leather stud dog collars.

Personalized Tooled Collar

4.) Personalized Tooled Collar

Now, this personalized leather collar is well above what is expected in quality and beauty. Not only is it decorated with basket stamping [which is ridiculously pretty against a dog with a light coat], your pup’s name, and a personalized 3D stamp. The leather is vegetable tanned so it comes in six different shades. One great thing about vege tanning is that it holds the color in much longer and it is animal friendly.

Flower Child Hand-Tooled Collar

5.) Flower Child Hand-Tooled Collar

Now this leather dog collar is what I am talking about! It is made for a more feminine doggie and quite frankly would look great on my Jack Russell. The flowers are hand painted; however, they are also sealed so that they do not just rub or wear off easily. This collar includes an engraved name as well. The clasp is brass so it will go with the leather flawlessly. For a few extra bucks you can even get a separate riveted tag with vital info on it in case your baby gets lost.

Each tooled leather dog collar that I found online and checked out fascinated me. I thought I was dreaming when all these beautiful collars kept popping up. Not to mention that they are all hand-made, and with so much care and love!

However, with everything, there is always a favorite. And this is no different. I truly love the leather dog collar with the tropical designs hand painted directly onto the leather. Then, when they add the engraving on top of that; I am sold! I know for a fact my Beatty Susanna will look like a fab pup with this one around her neck at the dog park! Which one is your favorite?